Fr. Peter Daly is a retired priest of the Washington Archdiocese and a lawyer. After 31 years of parish service, he now works with Catholic Charities. For almost 20 years, Daly wrote a column for Catholic News Service that went to diocesan publications. He has also written for The Washington Post, Catholic Digest, Reader's Digest, the ABA Journal, and other local publications. He has a 20-pound cat named Russell.

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What happened at the Capitol was not civil disobedience

Priestly Diary: In 1971, I was arrested at the U.S. Capitol. My protest was ethically different from the acts of terror at the Capitol last month. Both actions took place in the same building. There the similarity ends.


McCarrick report shows former cardinal's character: ambitious, brazen, untouchable

Priestly Diary: In the 449 pages of the Vatican report, there are thousands of words and hundreds facts. But there is one number we should remember. Seventeen.


Honoring Barr this year, National Catholic Prayer Breakfast is so clearly a political event

Priestly Diary: Attorney General William Barr is to be given the Christifideles Laici award by the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Sept. 23. Really? How exactly does Barr as U.S. attorney general exemplify the teachings of the church?


I'm done with the Knights of Columbus

Priestly Diary: I have been a member of the Knights for 33 years. But now, I am quitting. Because the top brass injected the Knights into a partisan campaign at a moment of crisis in our national life.