Jesuit Fr. James F. Keenan is Canisius professor at Boston College, where he is vice provost for global engagement and director of the Jesuit Institute.

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7 lessons learned from the Vatican's artificial intelligence symposium

Commentary: The in-person conference sponsored by the Pontifical Council of Culture and the German Embassy to the Holy See examined urgent questions about the emergence of AI and what it means to be human.

Death of rising Jesuit health care scholar stuns global colleagues

Jesuit Fr. Jacquineau Azétsop, died Oct. 13 at age 49. The native of Camaroon was dean and professor at the School of Social Sciences at Pontifical Gregorian University and a prolific writer and researcher on health equity and bioethics. He had recently accepted an appointment as the 2023-24 Gasson Chair, Boston College's oldest and most distinctive visiting professorship.

Catholics' involvement in death penalty killing spree is scandalous

Commentary: Attorney General William Barr has launched a spree of federal executions, and when most of the Catholic Supreme Court justices ruled to vacate stays of execution, they effected these killings.


Preaching on the election? Mercy is where we start; the common good is what we aim for.

Commentary: Our understanding of mercy is impoverished. Our social inclination to the common good at rock bottom. Resurrecting the common good seems to me as urgent as any matter related to the upcoming election.