Jesuit Fr. James F. Keenan is Canisius professor at Boston College, where he is vice provost for global engagement and director of the Jesuit Institute.

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Preaching on the election? Mercy is where we start; the common good is what we aim for.

Commentary: Our understanding of mercy is impoverished. Our social inclination to the common good at rock bottom. Resurrecting the common good seems to me as urgent as any matter related to the upcoming election.


The church needs women cardinals

Commentary: It was only in 1917 that the "new" Code of Canon Law decreed that cardinals had to be ordained, but the sacrament of orders does not bestow any particular competence. If Pope Francis is looking for competent judgment, could there not be women in his Council of Cardinals?


Let US Catholics arise and stand ahead of bishop presidents' Rome summit

Commentary: U.S. Catholics could stand after the memorial acclamation, as a tangible expression of expectation that our clergy understand that they must develop reforms with the laity to protect minors.


If we want to reform the church, let's make women cardinals

Commentary: We don't need to wait for women to be ordained — there have been laypeople in the College of Cardinals before. Let women have a place at the table now.