The ball is in Pope Francis' court over the culture of cover-up

Francis' condemnation of the culture of cover up while retaining the pontifical secret suggests that he does not understand the intimate connection between law and culture. 


'Catastrophic institutional failure' can be fixed

Analysis: Many recommendations of the Australian Government Royal Commission have more to do with church law and practice and could be more easily implemented, if church leadership is willing to take up this challenge.

University report lifts the lid on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

The recently released review of 26 commissions' work over the past 32 years is a professional and thoroughly readable synthesis of all the relevant information about child sexual abuse in the Catholic church.


Sex abuse and the seal of the confessional

Australian priests and a bishop have said they would go to jail rather than break the seal of confession to report a person confessing to child sexual abuse. Kieran Tapsell says the issue can resolved with a change to canon law.