Clinton, Trump spar over abortion issue as final debate opens

In the final presidential debate Oct. 19, Republican Donald Trump used his most explicit language to date to denounce late-term abortions.

Paul Ryan at Georgetown: 'I was just wrong' about views on poor

The Speaker of the House apologized at the Jesuit university Wednesday for previously referring to recipients of government benefits as "takers and makers." 

Stephen Colbert brings his Catholicism to TV masses

Stephen Colbert is the first to make Catholic belief the wellspring of his satire. It's the serious weight that gives some of his most telling observations their heft.

March for Life marks 43rd anniversary of Roe decision legalizing abortion

Catholic admonitions about inclusion mixed with strong political language before the March of Life got underway Jan. 22 in Washington. Nearly 50,000 attended the rally at the Washington Monument.