Lucy Grindon is an NCR Bertelsen intern based in Los Angeles.

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EarthBeat Weekly: Facing the future with the world on fire

Even first-time voters, at 18, have seen dramatic effects of climate change in their lifetimes

Catholic Vote panel discusses abortion and pandemic as two key issues for 2020 election

The importance of Catholics as part of the U.S. electorate was the subject of an online panel Sept. 17 hosted by the Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage at Loyola University in Chicago, with Steven P. Millies, E.J. Dionne Jr., Emma Green and Michael Bayer.

Latino Pastoral Leaders Initiative partners with Joliet Diocese

In 2021, 24 Latino leaders from the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois, will start a year of intensive leadership formation. Latinos are underrepresented in church leadership, despite being more than one-third of Catholics in the U.S.

North Carolina manufacturers offer opportunity to buy ethically made masks

A network of textile mills has produced over 400,000 units of personal protective equipment during the pandemic. Now, a growing number of Catholic organizations are ordering masks through a collective buying opportunity for parishes and schools.