Marian Ronan is research professor of Catholic studies at New York Theological Seminary in Manhattan and is the author or co-author of seven books.

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Book Review

Histories of colonialism give wider context to Indigenous deaths at boarding schools

Book review: When I read the news of the hundreds upon hundreds of unmarked graves discovered at formerly Catholic Indigenous boarding schools in Canada, I was reminded of my recent reading about "settler colonialism."

Book Review

Book interweaves eucharistic practice with social, economic and ecological realities

Book review: The broken food system and the environmental crisis require us to reembrace the Eucharist as a vital meal fellowship. This includes recognizing ourselves as a community, called together to act against the world's political and social evils. 

Book Review

Ecological theology meets theological response to suffering in Edwards' book

Review: Denis Edwards draws on the insights of five contemporary theologians — Niels Gregersen, Elizabeth Johnson, Celia Deane Drummond, Christopher Southgate and Richard Bauckham — to propose a contemporary theory of deep incarnation in which the cross is the "sacrament of God's redemptive suffering with creatures."

Book Review

New biography of Thomas Berry reasserts importance of his work

Book review: The authors — Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim and Andrew Angyal — show that along with his massive contributions to our comprehension of this cosmic intercommunion, Berry impacted the wider society in other significant ways.