Pew survey shows majority of Catholics don't believe in 'Real Presence'

The numbers who believe in transubstantiation are higher among Catholics who go to Mass at least once a week, but are hardly overwhelming. About five of every eight churchgoing Catholics believe in the church's teaching of transubstantiation.

Circle of Protection members, others see much to like in budget deal

There is a lot to like in the two-year budget worked out in Congress and signed by President Donald Trump, according to faith-based institutions that are members of the Circle of Protection.

Pew report on religion restrictions gives U.S. bad marks in key areas

The Pew Research Center's annual report on restrictions on religion worldwide showed the United States had the worst scores in the Americas in three of the eight categories Pew surveyed.

CLINIC joins suit against government seeking change in asylum policy

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network joined three other organizations in filing a lawsuit against the federal government.