Kick-starting a new Catholic conversation

Commentary: The sorry state of the Catholic conversation about same-sex love prompts us to make a proposal. If we hope to move the discussion in a justice-seeking direction, we need a new approach. 

Book Review

Catholic women's history in Catholic women's hands

Book Review: There are built-in problems when we tell our own stories — memories are fallible, biases are obvious, critical distance is missing. But not telling our own stories guarantees they will die with us, which is the bigger danger.


Sacred places that nurture us

Essay: Sacred spaces come in all shapes and sizes. I just wasn’t expecting a beach house to be one. Indeed, it is, made sacred by the friends and family of the owners who have been using it for decades. 

Book Review

Feminist theologians' discussion models fruitful disagreement

NCR Book Club: Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow's Goddess and God in the World, with its conversation about the divine, is timely and compelling.