Olga Segura is NCR opinion editor and the author of Birth of A Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church (Orbis, 2021).

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Our church — and our country — needs a reckoning on race

What Now?: We cannot move forward until we collectively mourn the countless American lives lost this year, including grappling with the ways capitalism has directly contributed to the various crises of 2020.


Catholic Church must reject its anti-Black misogyny

NCR Connections: There is an abyss in our church, and it is because the bishops, collectively, and other leaders in the church are not listening to the true needs and desires of marginalized communities.


Catholic discourse on Black Lives Matter must amplify women founders

Commentary: Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors have actively and consistently condemned the violence and oppression affecting our country's most marginalized, the very evils our church calls on us to condemn.


Do US bishops really believe black lives matter?

Commentary: What example do Catholic leaders set when they seem to align themselves publicly with Trump? Or when the bishops' conference releases statements addressing racial inequalities without any action plan?