Pat Perriello, a retired educator from the Baltimore City Public Schools, served as the coordinator of Guidance and Counseling Services and an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is a former seminarian from St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. Pat has long been interested in religion and politics and is currently concerned about the direction of the institutional church as well as the state of politics in the country.

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What's wrong with the Trump presidency?

NCR Today: You can't impeach a president over policy differences. However, something else is going on. The very existence of our country under the Constitution is being challenged by Trump.


With so much happening in the church, NCR's continued coverage is needed

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White House Correspondents' Dinner was over the line

NCR Today: The event worked well in the past. Yet, in our current political climate, it just doesn't work. How can we get back to a sane level of interacting with each other?


Scholarship is necessary part of seminary formation

NCR Today: Seminary formation requires critical change. Seminarians need the opportunity to think and explore ideas and trends in the world and apply themselves to determining how the church can wisely engage with the outside world.