Pat Perriello, a retired educator from the Baltimore City Public Schools, served as the coordinator of Guidance and Counseling Services and an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is a former seminarian from St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. Pat has long been interested in religion and politics and is currently concerned about the direction of the institutional church as well as the state of politics in the country.

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President Trump shouldn't be nominating a Supreme Court justice

NCR Today: President Trump is under investigation: he should not select another nominee to the Supreme Court until the Russia investigation concludes.


How should Catholics feel about a new Supreme Court Justice?

The church has the right to proclaim what it believes and what teachings it expects its members to follow. It does not have the right to impose its beliefs on people of other faiths or no faith.


President Trump is responsible for permanent damage to children

NCR Today: The callous regard for the separated immigrant families and the willingness to use the children as political pawns can only be characterized as disgusting. By now, we have a pretty good idea of who and what Donald Trump is. But who are these other people who are leading our country?


James Carroll highlights the genius of Peter Abelard

NCR Today: If James Carroll's novel The Cloister did anything for me, it was to drive me to find and read more of the work of Peter Abelard, who needs to be rehabilitated among Catholic thinkers and assume his rightful position in the hierarchy of Catholic thought.