Pat Perriello, a retired educator from the Baltimore City Public Schools, served as the coordinator of Guidance and Counseling Services and an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is a former seminarian from St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore. Pat has long been interested in religion and politics and is currently concerned about the direction of the institutional church as well as the state of politics in the country.

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Open the government, release the 'hostages'

NCR Today: Currently 800,000 American workers are being held hostage by their government. Millions more are deeply impacted by the shutdown.


Impeachment is a process, and it is already underway

NCR Today: Investigations and legal challenges to this president and his administration continue. Perhaps our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution.


Light a candle in the darkness

NCR Today: It is too easy to look at religious institutions and religious leaders today and see everything that is wrong with Christianity as we see it practiced.


A new level of information on Trump validates action

NCR Today: We have moved to a new level on information we know about Trump. Pressure is growing on Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings.