Patricia Zapor is a freelance writer who covered federal government for more than two decades and has extensive experience on the topic of immigration.

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Documentary follows four children's asylum quest in a broken US system

Alexandra Codina's documentary, "Paper Children" is a finely detailed portrait of a family, a film that accompanies four children going through the years-long process of seeking asylum.

Pope pleas for commutation of death sentences

Pope Francis told a joint meeting of Congress he backs efforts to abolish the death penalty. His U.S. nuncio sent letters to appeal on his behalf to commute sentences.

Appeals court rules against N.Y. Catholic entities over contraceptives

A federal appeals court ruled that there is no religious rights conflict with a process for nonprofit religious organizations to get around a mandate to provide contraceptive coverage in employee health insurance.

Revised rules for government's faith-based partners issued for comment

Nine federal agencies have issued proposed rules to clarify some aspects of social service partnerships with religious institutions.