Rebecca Bratten Weiss is an editor, independent academic, and freelance writer residing in rural Ohio. Her writing has appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, US Catholic, the Tablet, Plough, and in numerous literary publications (as R. Bratten Weiss). She blogs regularly at Patheos, where she also manages their Catholic channel. 

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The traditional Latin Mass is not the problem with traditionalist communities

Commentary: Restricting the liturgy was not the best way to deal with the problems in traditionalist communities. More effective would have been to restrict the destructive behaviors and ideologies they promote.


Communion ban misrepresents Biden — and most Democratic-voting Catholics — on abortion

Commentary: Progressive Catholics are not "pro-abortion." Their fundamental disagreement with right-wing Catholics is not on whether abortion is an evil. The disagreement is about how best to go about preventing it.


Social justice Catholics should reclaim rhetoric of objective truth, goodness

Commentary: In the face of the moral relativism of the right, progressive Catholics with a heart for social justice need to reclaim the powerful arguments for objective truth once popular among conservatives.

Support of Trump within church has driven some Catholics to the exits

Church membership among Catholics has declined sharply in recent decades. Many who have left since 2016 cite their coreligionists' alliance with the MAGA movement as a key factor in their decision.