Rebecca Bratten Weiss is an editor, independent academic, and freelance writer residing in rural Ohio. Her writing has appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, US Catholic, the Tablet, Plough, and in numerous literary publications (as R. Bratten Weiss). She blogs regularly at Patheos, where she also manages their Catholic channel. 

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Affordable tuition, student loan forgiveness are crucial for a just society

Commentary: Economic justice means all lines of work are deemed equally worthy of respect. In a just system, all workers would have access to the support and funding necessary to pursue career success and financial stability.


Barron's 'beige Catholicism' erases years of racial, social justice activism

Commentary: Our Catholic social and racial justice activists, past and present, do not fit the image of blandness and flimsiness evoked by Bishop Robert Barron's phrase "beige Catholicism."

Pro-life and pro-choice Catholics should work together — with President Biden — to reduce abortion demand

Commentary: While I value the perspective of my fellow whole-life advocates and highly regard their work, I have no plans to petition the Biden-Harris administration to make abortion illegal. And this is not because I favor abortion.


4 ways progressive pro-lifers can reengage with Democratic leaders

Commentary: Progressive pro-lifers need new tactics to reengage effectively with Democratic Party leaders on the topic of abortion. Here are four approaches that I propose.