Rebecca Bratten Weiss is an editor, independent academic, and freelance writer residing in rural Ohio. Her writing has appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, US Catholic, the Tablet, Plough, and in numerous literary publications (as R. Bratten Weiss). She blogs regularly at Patheos, where she also manages their Catholic channel. 

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Some parents dissatisfied with COVID-19 safety protocols at Catholic schools and parishes

Approval of the Pfizer vaccine for those 5 and older significantly reduces the risk of children contracting COVID-19. But with safety protocols differing in schools and parishes, parents still worry. Some question if decisions are in the best interest of their children and reflect Catholic values.

Villeneuve's grim and magnificent 'Dune' is jarring in all the right ways

Movie review: Many have dubbed Dune, Frank Herbert's groundbreaking 1965 novel, "unfilmable." But Denis Villeneuve's adaptation successfully captures the novel's complexity, its characters' individuality, and, ultimately, the grimness of protagonist Paul's situation.


Contrary to traditionalist claims, many Catholics are fleeing Latin Mass parishes

Commentary: Even if some Catholics are drawn to traditionalist parishes, others are leaving them. But those interviewed by NCR say it's not that they fell out of love with the liturgy. They withdrew due to the bigotry and toxicity in traditional parishes.


The traditional Latin Mass is not the problem with traditionalist communities

Commentary: Restricting the liturgy was not the best way to deal with the problems in traditionalist communities. More effective would have been to restrict the destructive behaviors and ideologies they promote.