Robert Mickens is editor-in-chief of Global Pulse. Since 1986, he has lived in Rome, where he studied theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University before working 11 years at Vatican Radio and then another decade as correspondent for The Tablet of London.

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Catholic church needs better way to select bishops

A Roman Observer: Pope Francis' recent statements reveal that he believes there is a serious lack of quality among Catholic priests and bishops.

Moving seminarians prompts discussion about formation

A Roman Observer – A talk by Pope Francis and news of seminarians moving into new digs raises questions about priestly formation. 

Que sera Sarah?

A Roman Observer: Pope Francis says he does not like to fire people. But it looks like he could be running out of patience with Cardinal Robert Sarah. 

Church statements keep the door closed on gays

A Roman Observer: Church doctrine and the practice of many bishops towards gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender persons is to put us in closets.