Stephen G. Adubato studied moral theology at Seton Hall University and currently teaches religion in New Jersey. He also blogs at Cracks in Postmodernity on Patheos' Catholic channel.

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'Emo' reggaeton brings out longing and nostalgia in the musical genre

Commentary: While it may seem contradictory, both sexually aggressive and romantic/vulnerable singing styles and lyrical themes can comfortably exist in tension with each other in the dembow rhythm of reggaeton.


Netflix's 'Sintonia' and the Afrodiasporic roots of Brazilian funk

"Sintonia" sheds light on why funk carioca speaks to the hearts of people from Brazilian favelas to dance clubs around the world. However, the series gives little visibility to funk's initiators — Black Brazilians.


New York Encounter explores 'urge for the truth'

The imperative to regain trust in science amid the COVID-19 pandemic was a recurring theme at the annual New York Encounter cultural event. But even as participants gathered Feb. 18-20, divisiveness was evident.


Do you think everyone at Latin Mass is an ideologue? You might be wrong.

Commentary: I would caution detractors of the Latin Mass to take a step back and look at the other reasons people are drawn to this particular liturgy. Those who feel outcasted or alienated from parishes that only celebrate the ordinary form, including myself, deserve to have their sensibilities and experiences taken into account.