Stephen G. Adubato studied moral theology at Seton Hall University and currently teaches religion in New Jersey. He also blogs at Cracks in Postmodernity on Patheos' Catholic channel.

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New speaker's bureau highlights Catholics of color

Catholic Speakers of Color provides a service to organizations looking for speakers, and the list has become a source of community and encouragement for those on it, too.

Book Review

Author's personal witness against American dream is her call to radical neighborliness

Review: The Myth of the American Dream's exhortations to convert our hearts and social structures are compelling, but some may find D.L. Mayfield's prophetic witness to be unrealistic. 

What do Catholics say about the third-party presidential candidates?

Though a third-party candidate has never won a U.S. presidential election, such candidates continue to be a presence in the American political sphere. How do Catholic voters feel about them in 2020?


James Baldwin, blindness and Hagia Sophia

Commentary: Turkey's insistence on denying the 400 years of enslavement, the millions of lives killed, and suppression of the Orthodox Christian community is a denial of the country's identity.