Stephen G. Adubato studied moral theology at Seton Hall University and currently teaches religion in New Jersey. He also blogs at Cracks in Postmodernity on Patheos' Catholic channel.

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Do you think everyone at Latin Mass is an ideologue? You might be wrong.

Commentary: I would caution detractors of the Latin Mass to take a step back and look at the other reasons people are drawn to this particular liturgy. Those who feel outcasted or alienated from parishes that only celebrate the ordinary form, including myself, deserve to have their sensibilities and experiences taken into account.

Book Review

Angie Cruz's 'Dominicana' echoes the sacramental imagination of Catholicism

Book review: Though there are only a few momentary references to Catholic images and practices throughout Angie Cruz's bestselling novel Dominicana, the plot is rife with spiritual and theological depth.


Were some saints mentally ill, or holy, or both?

Perspective: As much as mental instability ought to be recognized and treated for what it is, God can indeed work through and use us as we are, before we even get around to seeking healing or treatment.

New speaker's bureau highlights Catholics of color

Catholic Speakers of Color provides a service to organizations looking for speakers, and the list has become a source of community and encouragement for those on it, too.