2 Daddies? How about 2 Capitalists? 2 Protestants?

by Michael Sean Winters

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The National Catholic Register has an article about Cardinal Sean O'Malley's eminently sane decision to adopt a non-discriminatory policy for admission to Catholic schools regarding the children of same-sex parents. They repeat many of the arguments given by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput who reached a different conclusion last year.

My favorite part of Chaput's argument was his point that "if parents don’t respect the beliefs of the Church, or live in a manner that openly rejects those beliefs, then partnering with those parents becomes very difficult, if not impossible." Well, the Church has many beliefs. Does Archbishop Chaput ask the parents of students at Catholic schools if they harbor any racist attitudes? If they are businesspeople, do they pay a living wage? Of course, Protestant and Jewish children are permitted in our schools, but they do not go to weekly Mass. Surely, this unwillingness to worship the Christ shows an open rejection of the Church's beliefs, no?

Conservatives - and some liberals - have a fixation with pelvic theology. It is unbecoming in any circumstance. It is cruel when applied to the children of same-sex couples who merely want a good and Catholic education. Thank God that the Cardinal in Boston has the good sense to see the forest for the trees and to discern the flickering flame of faith where others are so busy stamping it out.

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