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US priests' group calls Vatican vocations document 'insulting'

Ignatian Carbon Challenge brings 'Laudato Si'' to life in Catholic schools

With Drug Costs In Crosshairs, Health Firms Gave Generously To Trump’s Inauguration: Drugmaker Pfizer gave $1 million to help finance the inauguration, according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission. Amgen, another pharmaceutical company, donated $500,000. Health insurers Anthem, Centene and Aetna all gave six-figure contributions.

The White House and Republican lawmakers are facing key decisions that could either improve the insurance marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act next year or prompt insurers to further hike rates or withdraw from those marketplaces entirely. Trump and his health-care decision-makers are in a bind: They can either let the current system fail and risk raising the ire of 11 million Americans who use the marketplaces, or help stabilize Obamacare and potentially make it harder for Republicans in Congress to abandon the law itself.

Five Washington, D.C., lawyers launched a nonprofit group last month to provide oversight of policy discussions about health care in the Trump administration. They will use the federal Freedom of Information Act to unearth emails and other documents that would, as the organization's leader put it, "line up what [Health and Human Services and other regulators] are saying privately with what they are saying publicly."

Fr. Tom Reese says Pollsters confused about Catholic voters

Michael Sean Winters wants economic ideologues to Stop claiming corporate tax breaks 'trickle down'

The Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, has 58 seminarians: Catholic Diocese starts program to keep would-be seminarians in Wichita. Seminarians will live together in a house of formation on the campus of St. Joseph Parish and pursue associate degrees at Newman University while interacting with local priests.

There will be no Masses or Communion in the Catholic diocese of Limerick, Ireland, next Tuesday, April 25. Instead, there will be lay-led liturgies of the Word and public prayers in its churches. The Limerick diocese has a 184,340 Catholics in 60 parishes with 94 churches and 83 active priests.

Swiss bishop whose condemnations of homosexuality got him charged with "inciting people to crimes," itself a crime in Switzerland, has submitted his resignation to the the Holy Father. He turned 75 today.

New novices start online: Study shows sisters could up their internet outreach

Almost 900 churches across the world to celebrate Mass in honor of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Sheen won an Emmy in 1951 for for his show "Life Is Worth Living."

Australia: Bishop appeals for action to save Great Barrier Reef

The Sisters of Bon Secours have always provide health services, but massive flooding in Peru has sisters "thinking on their feet and troubleshooting" like never before.

Ogdensburg, New York* — Bishop Hopes 'Healing Mass' Will Help Cure Wounds Of Past Abuse

*Oops! Sorry! In an earlier version of this list, I put Ogdensburg in the wrong state. A reliable source assures me it is still in the empire state.  

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