From The Nation to Huffington, NCR Contributors Share Analysis, Reporting and Commentary

At NCR, we play well with others. That means, for example, that our writers and contributors share their insights and analysis with different audiences -- meaning, if we’re not diligent in bringing it to your attention, that you might miss some of their best stuff.

To avoid that possibility, here are some recent highlights from NCR contributors and friends you may have missed:

  • Jamie Manson, found here on NCR’s website, provides here take on ‘taking sides.” As always, Jamie’s writing is first-rate, her insights provocative, and her love for the church evident.

  • Is Jason Berry the best investigative reporter in America? We are blessed that he has chosen to focus much of his talent and energy on the Catholic Church. Here’s a recent Berry piece from The Nation.

  • Just when you think NCR Editor-at-Large Tom Roberts – 30-plus years on the religion beat – has seen it all, his reporting skills and doggedness provide yet more insights into the Church. Here, from an Australian radio program, he shares the results of his reporting on the firing of Australian bishop William Morris.

  • Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister frequents our pages and website. Her popularity, I think, is a reflection of her wisdom. How many people in the public eye can you say that about today? Here’s her latest, from the Huffington Post.

  • Speaking of wisdom, Sister of St. Anne Rita Larivee, my predecessor as NCR publisher, offered some wise words for graduates of Anna Maria College. Good advice, as usual, from Sr. Rita.

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