Links for 3/8/18

At Catholic Moral Theology, David Cloutier reacts of Cardinal Donald Wuerl's pastoral plan and likes what he sees. Cloutier's comments about the cultural context for teaching about marriage are incisive as well. And at Where Peter Is, Mike Lewis also looks at Wuerl's pastoral plan and rounds up some of the commentary that is out there. 

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At The Washington Post, a distressing story about the Israeli government's plan to deport African refugees. As we approach the 70th anniversary of the Israeli independence, this act would betray everything the founders of the State of Israel stood for. It is time for Bibi to go.

At Politico, a look at how the Democrats are mobilizing to win key governorships this fall. To be clear: These races are far, far more important than regaining control of either house of Congress. In Vermont and New Hampshire, governors serve two-year terms, but in the other 48 states, they serve for four years, which means the governors elected in November will work with their legislatures on congressional redistricting after the 2020 census. For the entire decade, Democrats have been at a disadvantage because of the maps drawn after the 2010 census and the GOP midterm wave that same year. They can't afford another 10 years at such a disadvantage. 

Also at The Washington Post, a look at the immigrant work force in Cactus, Texas, and what happened after ICE rounded them up for deportation. The gringos did not line up to take the newly opened jobs at the meatpacking plant.

Also at Politico, the "centrist" Dems haven't learned yet that they should stick with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on financial regulation and break with the left on cultural issues like late-term abortions. The people of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Youngstown, Ohio, voted for Trump because of his hostility to trade not because of his stance on abortion.

[Michael Sean Winters covers the nexus of religion and politics for NCR.]​

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