Why a Catholic journalist is urging the church to engage Black Lives Matter

Olga Segura has often been asked why she’s chosen to remain involved in the Catholic Church, an institution that, in her eyes, has often ignored the trauma of Black people. As a journalist who’s built her career in Catholic media, has asked herself that same question: Why did she attach her identity to such an institution?

Central American caravan is 'first moral test for Biden,' say activists

Faith groups and religious leaders are urging newly inaugurated U.S. President Joe Biden to steer away from hard-line policies that would make it difficult for migrants to seek asylum. 

How a podcast is helping this Catholic and gay Latino man break the stigma

Growing up, Santillan never thought he'd feel at peace with his LGBTQ identity. Now he hosts a podcast where he openly discusses his identity as a Latino and gay Catholic man.

Latino Protestants more conservative, supportive of Trump than Latino Catholics, poll finds

Faith affiliation has emerged as one explanation for this political divide among Latino Americans.