Thousands gather in California for unveiling of Lady of La Vang shrine

An estimated 8,000 people came July 17 to attend the unveiling of what is the first major stand-alone shrine to the La Vang virgin in the United States.

Amid Catholic opposition, states are legalizing composting of human remains

Washington, Colorado and Oregon are now among the U.S. states that have legalized the process of converting human bodies into soil, a procedure the Catholic Church said fails to show “respect for the body of the deceased.”

'Apostles of Change' tells how secular Latino activists protested by seizing sacred spaces

In a recently published book, Texas A&M historian Felipe Hinojosa gives a new look into the 1960s and early '70s movement of Latino activists who occupied church buildings across the country as a way of taking back control of their communities and calling attention to local residents' poverty.

For one LA Catholic church, meeting indoors is 'historic' after wave of COVID-19 deaths

On June 20, before Mass had even begun, St. Anthony Catholic Church's parishioners broke into applause. It was the first time the congregation had gathered inside their sanctuary for Sunday Mass since the pandemic.