Don Clemmer is a writer, communications professional and former staffer of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. He writes from Indiana and edits Cross Roads magazine for the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. Follow him on Twitter: @clemmer_don.

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Pandemic economics create widespread upheaval, opportunities for reform

The constraints of stay-at-home policies aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus are affecting workers — in parishes, the service industries, small businesses, etc. — and Catholic agencies and social advocates are trying to keep up with need while noting this crisis could bring about lasting societal transformation

Pandemic response raises institutional stresses, new ways to be church

Behind the news of suspended Masses, COVID-19 has prompted layers of response that bring into focus how the church is intertwined with the wider society, reliant on revenue and served by people on payrolls.

Catholic Worker confronts new era

In today's Manhattan, the original Catholic Worker facilities are surrounded by towers that rent one-bedroom apartments for $4,000 a month, and Catholic Worker centers in South Bend, Indiana, and Philadelphia are also learning to adapt to changes.

Book Review

GOP apostate aims to school Democrats on beating the devil on the ballot

Book review: The enemy is right there in the title of Running Against the Devil by Rick Wilson, whose decadeslong career as a Republican strategist was upended by Donald Trump's emergence in 2016.