Don Clemmer is a writer, communications professional and former staffer of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. He writes from Indiana and edits Cross Roads magazine for the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. Follow him on Twitter: @clemmer_don.

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Not all welcome guidelines on hymn lyrics

Recent guidelines on hymn lyrics from the U.S. bishops' conference encountered some pushback from Catholics. Catholic music directors and composers shared their thoughts with NCR.

Catholic Trump supporters see moment of division, resignation

Half of U.S. Catholics who voted in the 2020 presidential election chose Donald Trump. Processing Trump's loss and reflecting on the turmoil facing the country, they share a mix of subdued disappointment and resignation.

Summit challenges white students to be true allies in battle against racism

White Catholics can bear witness to racial justice in their relationships and in their public witness, said a panel of Black Catholics on the second day of the Catholic Summit on Racial Justice, a virtual event Nov. 14-15 for college students.

Transgender Catholics criticize retiring archbishop's letter on 'gender ideology'

St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson issued a letter calling on Catholics to "lean in with compassion" when encountering transgender people, but it also asserted "Catholic understanding of the human person holds that sex and gender cannot be separated."