As recruiting slows, women religious reflect, choose new course

Amid times of sadness as colleagues have died and ministries have been reconfigured, women religious have brought skill, resilience and profound faith to the task of planning for their individual and corporate futures. 

Villanova gathering celebrates the memory of Daniel Berrigan, 'patron saint of the nay-sayers'

Three years after his death, Daniel Berrigan, activist, priest and poet among many other things, still casts a long shadow, both on those who knew him personally and on those influenced by his steadfast opposition to military might, particularly nuclear weapons. 

Faith played a complex role in the battle for women's right to vote

Religious convictions compelled many to campaign for women's suffrage, seeing it as a matter of divine justice. Religious convictions also inspired many to fight hard against it.

Two sisters discover unique gift deep within their suffering

A Good Death, part 2 - Though they are separated by a generation, two Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia have spent years living with cancer diagnoses, sharing a life-altering experience of an illness that threatens to turn deadly. Both find strength in being of service to others and in the support from their community.