Romero assassination case re-opened in El Salvador

Investigating the role of El Salvador's oligarchy in the era of death-squad killings complicates prosecution for Romero's death, but the human-rights reporting mechanisms he set up survive.

Court inaction stalls extradition of former colonel

A U.S. magistrate ordered Col. Inocente Montano extradited to Spain to be tried for 1989 massacre of Jesuit priests, but follow-through looks unlikely after over a year of delays.

One year after Caceres murder, US ties to Honduras endure, killings continue

This month marks a year since a death squad broke into the home of Berta Cáceres, and shot Honduras' most prominent environmental activist to death.

Charles Liteky, former Army chaplain who returned Medal of Honor in protest, dies

Liteky, 85, who died Jan. 20 in a San Francisco hospital, was "an exceptional peace activist for our time because he had such credibility with the military."