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US backs questionable election in Honduras, supports dictatorship, opposition says

'Anybody can destroy democracy,' Honduran doctor says about government oppression

Honduras in turmoil after disputed presidential election

Former Salvadoran official extradited, to stand trial for murder of Jesuits

Update: US Supreme Court clears way to extradite Salvadoran colonel who ordered Jesuits' death

Court clears way for Salvadoran commander to be tried for 1989 Jesuit massacre

El Salvador's Montano closer to Spanish trial for 'terrorist murder' of Jesuits

Coup's legacy of violence, corruption in Honduras endures

Romero assassination case re-opened in El Salvador

Court inaction stalls extradition of former colonel

One year after Cáceres murder, US ties to Honduras endure, killings continue

Charles Liteky, former Army chaplain who returned Medal of Honor in protest, dies

Colombian President Santos alters peace pact at army request

Identities of students at Fort Benning can stay secret, court rules

US-trained Peruvian officers convicted, sentenced for 1985 massacre of villagers

Guatemalan inmate, convicted of bishop's murder, killed in prison

Ruling could bring justice, instability to El Salvador

Chilean ex-soldier found liable for 1973 death of singer Victor Jara

Chilean ex-soldier stands trial for 1973 death of singer Victor Jara

Extradition appeal among setbacks in Jesuit massacre case