US backs questionable election in Honduras, supports dictatorship, opposition says

The Trump administration's recognition of Honduras' incumbent right-wing president as the winner of a hotly contested election riddled with allegations of fraud is likely to create blowback in 2018, when at least five Latin American nations hold elections.

'Anybody can destroy democracy,' Honduran doctor says about government oppression

A Honduran medical doctor serving the poorest of the poor in his politically ravaged country is appealing to U.S. citizens to help stem further bloodshed in the aftermath of what many Hondurans believe was a stolen presidential election.

Honduras in turmoil after disputed presidential election

Honduras is operating under a state of siege following a volatile presidential election in which the apparent winner's margin of victory mysteriously evaporated in favor of the incumbent rightwing president, Juan Orlando Hernández.

Former Salvadoran official extradited, to stand trial for murder of Jesuits

A nine-year legal battle ended this week when U.S. officials handed over custody of a former Salvadoran army colonel to Spanish authorities who have indicted him for “terrorist” murder in connection with the 1989 Jesuit massacre in El Salvador.