Lise Alves is a freelance journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has contributed to English-language news outlets across the world, including The Rio Times, Catholic News Service, The Lancet, The Guardian and National Catholic Reporter. She has also worked as a radio journalist for Monitor Radio, Deutsche Welle and Vatican Radio. 

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Religious leaders join Indigenous in Brazilian land protest

More than 6,000 Indigenous from 172 tribes gathered in Brasília, Brazil's capital, to march in defense of their land and against the policies of the Brazilian government. Along with Indigenous and environment groups, many religious also came out to Brasília to show their support.

Church in Brazil opens doors to shelter those who lost homes in mudslides

The Diocese of Petrópolis and the city's parishes have opened their doors to assist victims of the torrential rainstorm that flooded the historic city of Petrópolis.

Brazilians installed as catechists by Pope Francis say recognition strengthens their work

Formally installing catechists and lectors into their roles as lay leaders in the church is especially important as a recognition for women and men in places like the Amazon region.

Bishops living in Amazon ask COP26 for actions to save planet

In a video message, bishops from the Amazon region hope to mobilize society and pressure the Brazilian government and others at the U.N. climate change conference to adopt concrete and urgent measures to protect the rainforest.