Lise Alves is a freelance journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has contributed to English-language news outlets across the world, including The Rio Times, Catholic News Service, The Lancet, The Guardian and National Catholic Reporter. She has also worked as a radio journalist for Monitor Radio, Deutsche Welle and Vatican Radio. 

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Bishops living in Amazon ask COP26 for actions to save planet

In a video message, bishops from the Amazon region hope to mobilize society and pressure the Brazilian government and others at the U.N. climate change conference to adopt concrete and urgent measures to protect the rainforest.

Religious accompany Brazil's Indigenous people as Supreme Court considers case

Catholic leaders side with tribes in rejecting argument that Indigenous groups have rights only to territory they have physically occupied since 1985.

Brazil's bishops urge investigation of country's COVID-19 vaccine purchases

"The tragic loss of more than half a million lives is aggravated by accusations of malfeasance and corruption," prelates say of pandemic.

Amazon bishops say bill threatens Brazil's Indigenous peoples and forest

The bill in question would allow illegally deforested federal lands to become private holdings. "Land grabbing is responsible for one-third of deforestation in Brazil, in addition to promoting violence," said the bishops.