World has 'historic' opportunity for green tech boost, says global watchdog

Global efforts to minimize the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic present an historic opportunity to scale up the technologies needed to speed a transition to cleaner energy, the head of the world's energy watchdog says.

Climate activists to emerge stronger from coronavirus crisis, says Greta Thunberg

"Today is Earth Day and that reminds us.. we need to tackle both the corona pandemic ... at the same time as we tackle climate and environmental emergency."  

Coronavirus spurs new clash between Big Oil and Big Corn over US biofuels

A fuel demand meltdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the United States has started up a new fight between the oil and agriculture industries over the nation's biofuel policy, this time over whether the policy should be suspended or expanded as a result of the crisis.

Grow your own: Urban farming flourishes in coronavirus lockdowns

Coronavirus lockdowns are pushing more city dwellers to grow fruit and vegetables in their homes.