London cardinal condemns hate speech after anti-Semitic graffiti appears

An English cardinal has condemned "all expressions of hatred" after anti-Semitic graffiti was daubed across shops, cafes and a synagogue in London.

Northern Ireland bishops ask for waiting period in new abortion law

The Catholic bishops of Northern Ireland have asked the U.K. government to include a mandatory waiting period for women who request abortions under a new law.

U.K. must do more to fight trafficking, bishop says after bodies found

The U.K. government must step up its efforts to provide sanctuary for migrants and to fight trafficking gangs in the wake of the discovery of a truck containing 39 frozen corpses, a bishop said.

Northern Ireland Christian leaders: People weren't consulted on abortion

Church leaders in Northern Ireland encouraged their political parties to quickly re-establish their self-governing institutions to stop the British government from imposing a liberal abortion law on the province.