Sexual abuse by monks covered up at schools in England, inquiry finds

The "appalling sexual abuse" of children as young as 7 was covered up in two leading Benedictine-run schools in England to protect the reputations of predatory monks, a government-backed investigation concluded.

University in Scotland fires chaplain after pride parade reparation prayers

A priest who offered a rosary and benediction service in reparation for a gay pride parade in Scotland has been fired as a university chaplain.

Nearly 500 British priests sign statement in support of 'Humanae Vitae'

Nearly 500 British priests have signed a statement in support of the papal encyclical that forbade married couples from using contraception.

Cardinal: Greater access to Communion challenges church teaching

Holy Communion is exclusively for Catholics in a state of grace and not something to be shared between friends like beer or cake, said a former senior adviser to two popes.