Fr. Boniecki told not to talk to media after supporting Polish protestor

The Polish Congregation of Marian Fathers is once again trying to silence Fr. Adam Boniecki. A gag order, lifted in July, was reinstituted in November. 

Silenced priest speaks against Catholic Church's cozy relationship with Polish government

Marian Fr. Adam Boniecki, 83, a confidant of Pope John Paul II, has been outspoken in defending the need for church-state separation in Poland and a more humane policy of welcoming refugees from conflicts in the Middle East. 

New Polish law will pay women to deliver babies with serious issues

According to a new Polish law effective Jan. 1, women who agree to deliver babies with serious issues will receive a one-time payment of 900 Euros ($1,000).

Polish women to protest proposed abortion restriction

After a total ban on abortion was defeated earlier this month, a new government proposal would eliminate an exception in Poland’s restrictive law.