German Catholic women call for change as 'synodal path' gets underway

In a country where more than 200,000 Catholics left the scandal-wracked church in 2018, the loudest voices for a transformation are coming from Catholic women through such movements as Maria 2.0.

Warsaw protest to demand investigation of pedophilia in Poland's church

An abuse survivor is leading a march Oct. 7 in Warsaw to demand a government commission to evaluate the extent of pedophilia in Poland's Catholic Church, and to aggressively prosecute sex offenders.

Fr. Boniecki told not to talk to media after supporting Polish protestor

The Polish Congregation of Marian Fathers is once again trying to silence Fr. Adam Boniecki. A gag order, lifted in July, was reinstituted in November. 

Silenced priest speaks against Catholic Church's cozy relationship with Polish government

Marian Fr. Adam Boniecki, 83, a confidant of Pope John Paul II, has been outspoken in defending the need for church-state separation in Poland and a more humane policy of welcoming refugees from conflicts in the Middle East.