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A 'time of crisis' for Poland's Catholic Church

Scholars and others spoke with NCR about Polish alienation from the church, related to the hierarchy's alliance with the authoritarian ruling party, attacks on the LGBTQ community, and clergy sex abuse.

For Catholic supporters, Poland's abortion protests about more than one issue

Protests by Polish women against the Law and Justice government and against the Catholic Church continue to gain momentum after a Oct. 22 ruling by Poland's Constitutional Tribunal imposed an almost total ban on abortion.

Reformers' ideas gain momentum in German synodal way

Amid a shrinking Catholic Church in Germany, participants in the first session of synodal way meetings brought up questions about sexual morality, the ordination of women, and compulsory celibacy.

German Catholic women call for change as 'synodal path' gets underway

In a country where more than 200,000 Catholics left the scandal-wracked church in 2018, the loudest voices for a transformation are coming from Catholic women through such movements as Maria 2.0.