A Benedictine Sister of Erie, Pennsylvania, Joan Chittister is a best-selling author and well-known international lecturer on topics of justice, peace, human rights, women's issues and contemporary spirituality in the church and in society. She presently serves as the co-chair of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, a partner organization of the United Nations, facilitating a worldwide network of women peace builders, especially in the Middle East. Chittister has won 14 CPA awards for her books. Her most recent include Between the Dark and the Daylight (Random House), Two Dogs and a Parrot (Blue Bridge, 2015) and In God’s Holy Light (Franciscan Media, 2015). A biography, Joan Chittister: Her journey from certainty to faith, by NCR’s Tom Roberts, was released in 2015 by Orbis Books. Chittister is the founder and executive director of Benetvision, a resource center for contemporary spirituality in Erie.

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Society profits from the power of patience

From Where I Stand: There are some things that simply must be borne. There are some mountains in life that must be climbed but can only be climbed one boulder, one level at a time. 


Listen to those entrusted with our growth

From Where I Stand: Learning to consider the insights and understanding of others is not the end of autonomy. It is the beginning of humility. St. Benedict's third step, obedience, is for human unity and the common good


Our differences will make the difference in our future

From Where I Stand: Differences are a big thing. They are the resources that nourish a new future for us all. Which is exactly where Benedict's second principle of life comes in.


Fixing everything: First, let God be God

From Where I Stand:  By making consciousness of the will of God his first principle of humility, Benedict makes it clear that we don't have to earn God because we already have God.