Belgian bishop advocates church recognition of gay relationships

"The Christian ethic is based on lasting relationships where exclusivity, loyalty, and care are central to each other."

Catholic University of Leuven reaffirms Catholic identity

LEUVEN, BELGIUM — After more than a year of extensive debate and consultation about its identity, the Catholic University of Leuven (long known in the English speaking world as the Catholic University of Louvain) has strongly reaffirmed its Catholic identity.

An official statement, released today (Dec. 22) by University Rector (President) Mark Waer and Jef Roos, Acting Chair of the Board of Trustees, stresses the university's Catholic tradition, its identity, its value system, and its role as a critical center of thought in and for the Catholic community.

Belgian Catholics issue reform manifesto

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- The week before the start of Advent, four Flemish priests issued a church reform manifesto that called for allowing the appointment of laypeople as parish pastors, liturgical leaders and preachers, and for the ordination of married men and women as priests.

Belgian bishop insists he is not a pedophile

LEUVEN, BELGIUM -- Roger Vangheluwe, the disgraced former bishop of Bruges, stressed during a Flemish television interview April 14 that he is not a pedophile. With nonchalance and an occasional chuckle, Vangheluwe said, “I don’t in the slightest have any sense I am a pedophile.”