Coronavirus, social distancing and the company of the faith

Commentary: What does it mean for the community not to gather for Mass for some weeks? What is the meaning of vulnerability and how different can it be in different countries and societies? What does it mean to practice radical hospitality in the time of a pandemic?


The myth of the self-regulating institution of 'pope emeritus'

Commentary: The symbolism of the "emeritus" retiring in a monastery in the Vatican meant very little for those Catholics for whom Benedict XVI never really retired.


Hierarchy and theology alike are caught up in Catholic disruption

Commentary: The mutual estrangement and alienation between the institutional Catholic Church and academic theology, in the long run, will endanger theology more than the institution.

Book Review

Quinn's 'Revered and Reviled' heralds new phase in Vatican I's reception

Book review: With his last book, Archbishop John R. Quinn strikes a balance in the conflicting interpretations of the First Vatican Council and its teaching on infallibility.