Massimo Faggioli is professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University. His most recent book is The Liminal Papacy of Pope Francis: Moving toward Global Catholicity (Orbis).

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No easy solutions: a response to Weigel's critique of the Vatican-China deal

Commentary: George Weigel makes three faulty assumptions when criticizing the 2018 Vatican-China agreement, the most important diplomatic success of Pope Francis' pontificate.


New Australian report may help church find its way out of abuse crisis

Commentary: There are signs that the Catholic Church's response to the sexual abuse crisis is now getting at deeper, institutional questions. A unique example that could bring encouraging news has come from Australia.


Coronavirus, social distancing and the company of the faith

Commentary: What does it mean for the community not to gather for Mass for some weeks? What is the meaning of vulnerability and how different can it be in different countries and societies? What does it mean to practice radical hospitality in the time of a pandemic?


The myth of the self-regulating institution of 'pope emeritus'

Commentary: The symbolism of the "emeritus" retiring in a monastery in the Vatican meant very little for those Catholics for whom Benedict XVI never really retired.