Gordon Hirabayashi's battle is newly timely onstage in 'Hold These Truths'

Theater: Playwright Jeanne Sakata was "enthralled" by the Japanese-American college student who took his civil rights case all the way to the Supreme Court in World War II.

'The Peculiar Patriot' indicts a racist US prison system

Theater: On a prison tour, Liza Jessie Peterson found an appreciative audience for her play "The Peculiar Patriot." After 14 years, it's now premiering at Harlem's National Black Theatre.

'Church and State' play aims to stir up conversation about guns

Prompted to write after Sandy Hook, Jason Odell Williams has taken his play to NYC, and he hopes to get it across the country -- "in all the purple states."

One-woman play uses biblical Mary's life to tell story of black mothers, sons

Angela Polite's "passion play" incorporates narrative, monologues, music and dance, culminating in a final scene that ties all grieving black mothers to Holy Mary.