EarthBeat Weekly: Time for a veggie Thanksgiving

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by Bill Mitchell

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With the holiday less than two weeks away, it’s time to begin planning the menu -- especially if you’re considering a radical departure from tradition.

Our extended family household (across the hall apartments) includes three vegetarians and three meat-eaters. Many of our combined meals include both meat and veg to pick from. 

But the time seems right for a holiday celebration that goes all veg. 

There appear to be plenty of recipe options out there, but I’m also looking for personal stories of vegetarian holidays -- and how they played out family-wise as well as food-wise, especially among families of mixed palates. I hope you’ll share your stories with me, and I’ll pass some of them along in next week’s newsletter. 

At lunch last week with NCR President and CEO Tom Fox and Executive Editor Tom Roberts, we all tried the Impossible Burger at the Burger King down the street from NCR headquarters in Kansas City. 

“If you’re going to eat at Burger King,” said Roberts, “(the Impossible Burger) is an interesting option.” He went on to say that he’d rather not know exactly what goes into the burger he ate, a question the makers Impossible Burger address here

Fox was less impressed: “Perhaps because I’ve tasted some very good veggie burgers over the years. Next time I want to go meatless, I won’t try to pretend I’m eating meat.”

Point taken. One recipe I’m not looking for is an Impossible Turkey. 

A look at some of what’s new on EarthBeat this week:

Key climate-related headlines from other publications this week:

Last week, I asked what encourages you on the climate front these days. Among the responses: Erin Lothes, PhD., author of Inspired Sustainability: Planting Seeds for Action, told me in an email: “I'm encouraged by trends in electric vehicles and predictions for their rapid increase on our roads.” And Fintan Hurley wrote from Scotland to report the launch of what he described as “a detailed plan for a Green New Deal in Scotland.” 

Thanks for reading.

Bill Mitchell

NCR Climate Editor

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