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The climate is changing,
a matter of moral urgency.

How Catholics and other faith groups speak out and take action. Where ecological concerns and moral conviction meet, well that's our beat.


In Advent, a beekeeper prepares for an uncertain nativity scene

Multifaith community mobilizes to preserve creation ahead of COP15 biodiversity summit

Catholics in Puerto Rico pursue solar as preferred energy solution

Dioceses in southern Philippines want government to ban mining

Feature Series

EarthBeat's 2022 Advent essays will correspond to the Catholic Mass readings for each Sunday of Advent this year, with a focus on preparation, peace, patience and promise.

These Advent reflections by Arthur Jones, a former editor and publisher of NCR, was originally published by his parish, St. Vincent de Paul Parish Community in Baltimore.

Catholic parishes and communities are taking steps to reduce waste and change lifestyles.

Small Earth Stories reflect that moment when a reader began eating differently, heating or cooling their home more carefully, traveling with a smaller carbon footprint. Maybe it’s the story of that difficult climate conversation at the family cookout.

What is loss and damage?


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