'The nuke we survived': American Muslims relieved as Biden reverses travel ban

Muslim Americans and advocates are breathing a sigh of relief after President Joe Biden reversed the travel ban, which has separated thousands of families since it was issued under former President Donald Trump.

Floyd's death spurs debate on how immigrants should run stores in black neighborhoods

George Floyd was killed after employees at a convenience store owned by a Palestinian American Muslim called Minneapolis police over a suspected counterfeit $20 bill.

'Zoombombing' comes for houses of worship

The mass transition of houses of worship to Zoom and other online video conferencing platforms has meant that religious services are more accessible than ever before. Unfortunately for digital congregants, that means they are also more accessible to online trolls who have plenty of free time to disrupt their services with obscene or hateful interruptions.

Houses of worship pitch in to help those left vulnerable by virus outbreak

Across the country, houses of worship like City Road and other faith organizations have shut down their in-person services but are mobilizing to assist vulnerable community members who require assistance with grocery shopping, paying bills, picking up prescriptions and other tasks during the outbreak.