Melanie Lidman is a freelance journalist in Israel. Originally from Boston and a graduate of the University of Maryland, she also works for the Times of Israel and covers Africa and the Middle East for Global Sisters Report. Previously, Lidman was the Jerusalem metro reporter for the Jerusalem Post. Though Israel has one of the highest concentration of journalists in the world, Lidman is one of the only who travels to news events almost exclusively by bicycle, which she calls Savlanut (patience).

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Church provides internet in northern Uganda, connects more than computers

The internet system in Uganda was born out of a basic need to communicate safe routes due to terror threats when the Lord's Resistance Army was rampant. Commercial investment is low, but the Catholic Church's network is still online and changing lives.

Heart of forgiveness: Ugandan women once child soldiers now lead peace

Global Sisters Report: As Pope Francis reminds the world to pray for peace on Jan. 1, Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe hopes the message of the women of northern Uganda will reach conflict areas around the world.

Disabled youth find a home and visibility with Chinese sisters

Global Sisters Report: As soon as St. Therese of the Child Jesus Sisters moved onto the church grounds in a rural region outside of Beijing, abandoned babies with severe disabilities started showing up on the doorstep. 

Tutsis and Hutus practice the multiplication of love and fishes

Global Sisters Report: When Sr. Mary Rose Mukukibogo first approached women in Gisagara, southern Rwanda, about starting an agricultural association, they were furious.