Peter Feuerherd is a correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter's Field Hospital, an ongoing series on parish life in the United States and Canada. Feuerherd is a veteran of the Catholic and religious press, having written for Commonweal, St. Anthony Messenger, and diocesan newspapers in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Albany, Long Island and New York City. He is the winner of numerous Catholic Press Association and religious press awards and is the author of "Holy Land USA: A Catholic Ride Through America's Evangelical Landscape" (Crossroad). Feuerherd writes from Queens, NY, where he is also an adjunct professor of journalism at St. John's University. He is a regular on the basketball courts of the borough. 

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Wisconsin diocese calls off plan to rescind employees' pensions

A Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, plan to rescind employees' pensions will not take effect, according to an April 18 press release. The proposed plan is being placed on hold. Until a final decision is made, the statement said, the current pension plan will continue.

Francis still falls short with Catholic women, feminist scholars say

Feminist scholars and others at an April 16 panel discussion spoke on Francis' attitude toward women. The consensus: Despite some positive developments in his papacy, Francis' issues with women continue to disappoint.

Expert in diocesan finances has 'never seen' pension move like La Crosse's

"I feel we are being cheated," says one retired lay employee who received notice from the La Crosse Diocese that her monthly pension will end with one lump sum payment this summer.

Parish roundup: Modern social justice heroes celebrated; Houston religious schools booming

The Field Hospital: Houston is a sprawling city, but Christian, Catholic and other private schools are keeping pace as it grows, expanding to accommodate enrollment demands. Also: fighting hunger; patrolling church grounds; awaiting an audit; parish renewal in a number of places at once; cutting senior home visits