Peter Feuerherd is a correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter's Field Hospital, an ongoing series on parish life in the United States and Canada. Feuerherd is a veteran of the Catholic and religious press, having written for Commonweal, St. Anthony Messenger, and diocesan newspapers in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Albany, Long Island and New York City. He is the winner of numerous Catholic Press Association and religious press awards and is the author of "Holy Land USA: A Catholic Ride Through America's Evangelical Landscape" (Crossroad). Feuerherd writes from Queens, NY, where he is also an adjunct professor of journalism at St. John's University. He is a regular on the basketball courts of the borough. 

Peter contributes to NCR's The Field Hospital.

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At St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Portland, unity is elusive

A new pastor's arrival set off disputes over issues such as the role of creativity in liturgical rites and the future of St. Francis Kitchen, the outreach to the homeless long affiliated with the parish.

Papal biographer: US bishops' original plan against abuse was PR ploy

U.S. bishops' conference officials drew up a plan to address sex abuse that was a ploy, deliberately circumventing Vatican authority, according to a new Pope Francis biography by Austen Ivereigh.

Francis pontificate 'a place of spiritual combat,' claims papal biographer

Though Pope Francis remains popular with Catholics in the pew, a well-funded opposition comprised largely of ecclesial elites are fighting his agenda, said Austen Ivereigh in a talk at Fordham University to promote his latest book.

Pastor's denial of Eucharist to Biden stirs up recurring debate

After a South Carolina pastor refused the Eucharist to former Vice President Joe Biden, the incident was reported in the mainstream media and commented upon exhaustively on Catholic social media.