Tawanda Karombo is a journalist based in Harare, Zimbabwe, who specializes in sub-Saharan Africa, covering climate, environment, health, economics and all things Catholic in southern Africa. Contact him at tawakarombo@yahoo.co.uk and follow him on Twitter @tawakarombo.

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Catholic officials decry resurgence of death penalty in southern Africa

Although many African nations have abolished use of the death penalty in the past decade, Botswana's government claims it can be a good deterrent to prevent violent crimes; some parts of South Africa's society are calling to reinstate it, too.

Catholic Church helps Zambian villagers stand up to mining companies

A recent court victory against a copper mine highlights what activists say is widespread lack of enforcement of environmental regulations in the lucrative, polluting business of mining in Africa.

Aid agencies largely cut off from Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region

With communication and access to Ethiopia's Tigray region cut off, Catholic relief and other humanitarian agencies are having difficulty responding to those in need there and in refugee camps in neighboring Sudan.

In Africa, farmers learn new methods for facing drought, floods

To head off deadly consequences of climate change and help farmers adapt, Catholic agencies are funding agro-ecology learning centers and solar-powered community wells in southern African countries.