Tawanda Karombo is a business and financial technology journalist based in Harare, Zimbabwe, with over 10 years of experience covering sub-Saharan Africa.

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Two Catholic universities geared to expand amid Zimbabwe's turmoil

Arrupe Jesuit University and the Catholic University of Zimbabwe in Harare have been registered as full-fledged universities and plan to expand degree offerings and open new campuses across the country.

Zimbabwe church leaders call for seven-year political sabbath

Against the backdrop of a disputed election and worsening economic crisis, Catholic and other Christian leaders in Zimbabwe have called for seven years of no political contestation.

Zimbabwean Catholics celebrate canonization cause for John Bradburne

A Mass at the Mutemwa Leprosy Center kick-started the opening of the process for beatification and canonization of John Bradburne, a lay Franciscan who was martyred in Zimbabwe in 1979.

Zambian bishops call for 'fresh start' as country's crises unfold

The challenges rocking Zambia are far and wide, ranging from an economic situation that is taking long to mend, food shortages and political disagreements that have often turned violent.