This Christmas, let's return to 'The Twilight Zone'

Commentary: Every December, we return to certain holiday classics, seeking comfort and joy. But 2020 has been a "Twilight Zone" kind of year, and the episode "The Night of the Meek" is quite resonant.

Book Review

History and tragedy linger in 'Ghosts of the Missing'

Book review: Kathleen Donohoe's novel is a portrait of an extended family and community, beginning with immigrants in the 1850s, and, later, featuring a pair of Catholic priests forced to confront the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

Book Review

'Voyage of Mercy' tells resonant story of Americans aiding starving Ireland

Book review: Stephen Puleo's detailed history explores the charitable efforts Americans — rural and urban, immigrant and native-born, Christian, Quaker and Jewish — made to alleviate Irish suffering in the 1840s.

Book Review

Book on Civil War era activists has parallels to present moment

It will strike astute readers as unsurprising (and dispiriting) that today's critical questions surrounding gender and race were even more urgent for radical reformers throughout the 1800s.