Book Review

Portrait of Trump supporters misses key questions

Book Review: Overall, Ben Bradlee, Jr.'s book is an important addition to the booming cottage industry of what might be termed "white working-class studies." But it also misses an opportunity to pursue key questions about two of the hot-button topics — religion and immigration — that catapulted President Donald Trump to the White House.

Book Review

Eunice captures Shriver's complexities

Book Reviews: On the surface, the illuminating new biography of Eunice Shriver is pure Eunice — eccentric, brash, dismissive of convention. Also Maria Shriver's latest book, a collection of "reflections, prayers, and meditations." 

Book Review

The Bobby Kennedy we'd want today

Book Review: Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination, so expect a surge of interest in the one-time Joe McCarthy ally who became a mythic, martyred darling of the left.


The long life of America's 'worst' Catholics

Essay: There is a curiously durable archetype in American storytelling: the illiberal and sinister ethnic Catholic. Trump won 60 percent of the white Catholic vote. What's the connection?