Germany continues payments to churches a century after deciding to stop

It's been 100 years since Germany's first democratic government decided to stop making generous payments to its Protestant and Roman Catholic churches — and did nothing about it.

'Yellow vest' protests test English-speaking Catholic church in Paris

Avenue Hoche, one of the tree-lined roads radiating out from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, seems like an ideal place to locate a church for foreigners. But that location also put the street in the middle of France's often turbulent politics.

French evangelicals face backlash at home after success of Trump and Bolsonaro abroad

When evangelical voters cheer on President Trump in the United States or newly elected leader Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, probably the last thing on their minds is that they might be creating problems for fellow evangelicals elsewhere in the world.

A Pope Francis gargoyle now watches over Cologne cathedral

It took about a week for visitors to the massive Catholic cathedral in Cologne, Germany, to notice a small addition to its ornate Gothic entrance — a carved stone figure of Pope Francis leaning forward like a gargoyle.