Tony Magliano is an internationally syndicated social justice and peace columnist.

In his challenging keynote address "Advancing the Kingdom of God in the 21st Century," Tony clearly explains how prayerful reflection upon the ancient teachings of the Gospel and the modern principles of Catholic social teaching can effectively guide a consistent, logical and life-affirming approach to the moral issues — everything from abortion to war — facing humanity in the 21st century.

Tony's enthusiastic, informative and inspiring presentation has been well received by diocesan gatherings from San Clemente, California, to Baltimore.

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Stone soup for hungry children

Making a Difference: In South Sudan, with civil war violence showing no end in sight, the greatest challenge is to somehow supply food and clean water to several thousand internally displaced persons who have very little, and in many cases, absolutely nothing.


Martin Luther King Jr.'s wisdom calls us higher, 50 years later

Making a Difference: Rev. King's 1968 death could not silence his truthful words, which continue to challenge a nation to completely abandon acceptance and addiction to racism, inequality, injustice, militarism and violence.


When confronted with injustice, what would Jesus do?

Making a Difference: An honest, open-hearted, open-minded prayerful reflection on Jesus' words and actions will give us sure guidance on how to morally respond to the life and death issues facing our nation and world.


2017 was rough, but this year can be better

Making a Difference: In 2018, let's take on our God-given mission to actualize the truth that everyone and everything is connected by our loving Father, Creator of all.