Hurricane Sandy

Sandy Aftermath: NY Catholic Workers seem OK


In New York City, both St. Joseph House and Mary House, Catholic Worker communities located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, were without power Monday with no information about when it would be restored, said Roger O'Neil, a long-time St. Joseph House community member. Peter Maurin Farm, a Catholic Worker farm located north of the city in Marlboro NY, reported no damage or power outage.

However, Casa de la Paz, a Catholic Worker community on Eastern Long Island in Wyandanch NY, could not be reached by telephone, likely because of power being cut off.

Paper and ink beat the storm


Three cheers for old fashioned, throwback newspaper delivery! The Huffington Post, Gawker and other websites were down on Tuesday because of power outage problems, but my Washington Post -- the real ink and paper kind -- was in my driveway yesterday and this morning in suburban Maryland. So, take that Sandy! We lost a front railing to crazy winds and rain last night, but the paper was there by 6 this morning. My old newsman's heart was happy.

Minor Sandy damage but no power loss north of Baltimore


We live north of Baltimore, and the amazing thing for a rural area was we never lost electricity. We lost gutters, slates and siding for sure; but the electricity has stayed on. 

We do have a huge old tree blocking our main door. That said, it fell in the one direction it could do the least damage. We have one weeping willow left, and during the worst of the storm, the fronds were horizontal.

Connecticut recovering slowly from Sandy


In my town of Greenwich, Conn., suffice it to say, we got hammered by Hurricane Sandy. The waterfront property facing the Long Island Sound was overtaken with a combination of storm surge and high tide. About two miles away, the local paper reported that "authorities said four multi-million dollar homes ... in the Old Greenwich went up in flames Monday night.



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