Precious Blood (CPPS) Brother Antonio D. Sison is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, with a special research interest in theology and cinema studies. His latest book, The Sacred Foodways of Film: Theological Servings in 11 Food Films (Pickwick, 2016) explores the ways by which cinematic images of food nourish the theological imagination. Paying attention to “what the world is watching,” Br. Ton reviews noteworthy releases of global cinema for National Catholic Reporter.

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A saint of the quotidian in Alfonso Cuarón's film 'Roma'

Review: From the very opening scene of "Roma," gifted Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón invites the audience into an experience of visual poetry unfettered by formulaic Hollywood conventions and spoon-fed expository narrative. 

'Whale Rider' holds relevance for the Christmas season

Movie review: In the film's story, Paikea does not conform to the expectations of what a messiah-figure ought to be. From the very start, she is a messianic anomaly.

Awe, humility, hope await in 'A Space Odyssey'

Review: A film of such symbolic and visceral power as "2001: A Space Odyssey" invites various interpretations, like a prism you can turn at different angles, each revealing a new facet.

For the Asian-American community, 'Crazy Rich Asians' is the gift of an open door

Movie review: As an Asian-American myself, watching "Crazy Rich Asians" unfold on the big screen was an uplifting experience, as though Hollywood, on this rare instance, became an Asian mirror, reflecting familiar faces from a long-ignored family album.