Precious Blood (CPPS) Brother Antonio D. Sison is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, with a special research interest in theology and cinema studies. His latest book, The Sacred Foodways of Film: Theological Servings in 11 Food Films (Pickwick, 2016) explores the ways by which cinematic images of food nourish the theological imagination. Paying attention to “what the world is watching,” Br. Ton reviews noteworthy releases of global cinema for National Catholic Reporter.

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In musical 'The Portrait,' beauty and truth resist materialism

Movie review: Two sisters and their artist father's bewitching painting are at the heart of "The Portrait," or "Ang Larawan," a beautifully realized film from the Philippines.

Romero speaks in the here and now

A "conversion of the head" is that juncture when we are "called to social analysis." We come to a realization that there are structural causes for poverty and suffering, and for as long as our values and assumptions remain unexamined, we are complicit in this social injustice.

'Okja' is a romping tale with a social conscience

Movie review: In this tale of a lovable superpig, director Bong Joon Ho works his usual mojo, crisscrossing dark comedy, action/adventure, social satire and feel-good drama.

'After the Storm': Flawed humanity compassionately observed

Movie Review: It's refreshing to watch a film that doesn't try hard to win you with manipulative plot turns and cinematic artifice but simply presents a small story told by a filmmaker who is a compassionate observer.