Ken Briggs reported on religion for Newsday and The New York Times, has contributed articles to many publications, written four books and is an instructor at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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Archbishop Hunthausen embraced Vatican II, served people's needs

NCR Today: Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen was the picture of the modest, ground-level pastor of pastors. He was not a bishop looking for ways to fight the power or defy his superiors.


The Catholic 'collective' approach could be used again to support labor

NCR Today: Renewed awareness that the greatest push-back against owner control and for labor dignity wouldn't have happened without the dedication and tenacity of Catholics who were inspired by the church's 19th-century social doctrine therefore seems more than timely.


We need to see the causes of suicide in our midst

NCR Today: The professions of shock that a person basking in money, publicity and acclaim would end it all are likely to reflect a jarring blow to the free enterprise armor.


Memorial Day was once a time to feel the actual price of war

My mental picture of Memorial Day in 1945 is a spare but deeply etched scene of joy and tears. Tears of loss mingled with sighs of relief that soon all the killing would stop.