Ken Briggs has reported on religion for Newsday and The New York Times, contributed articles to a variety of publications, written five books and taught for 18 years as an adjunct professor at Lehigh University and Lafayette College. He lives in Indiana and continues to be a freelance writer.

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As public fears spiral, living in the day is time-tested wisdom

Roundtable: The living spirit within us today provides for our deepest needs if we seek it and let it through our walls of fear and defensiveness. Tomorrow's crisis isn't yet here; renewal of ourselves is today's job.


A return to the legal definition of religious freedom

Roundtable: What the conservatives want to recover has almost nothing to do with the Constitution's religious rights. Those are privileges granted by a society that deferred to them as the only spiritual game in town.


Methodists may set agree-to-disagree model for churches in strife

Roundtable: In the proposed separation on LGBT issues, Methodists could let one another go in peace, if not with full mutual blessings, without a seemingly impossible need to square a circle.


Rep. Elijah Cummings was an example of public faith in a time of religious skepticism

Commentary: Religion in America overall has become so intensely private, so enmeshed with non-religious values and so ill-defined publicly, that it's hard to tell staged religion from real religious actors.