Ken Briggs reported on religion for Newsday and The New York Times, has contributed articles to many publications, written four books and is an instructor at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennslyvania.

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Catholic response to gun violence is contradictory and confused

NCR Today: While bishops express alarm and side with some aspects of gun control, grassroots congregants have reason to believe Christian teachings support gun ownership and use.


Old wounds reawaken as Billy Graham's body lies in honor in the Capitol

NCR Today: I find the Graham enshrinement in the rotunda appalling in today's ever increasing religious pluralism and in light of his bruises from the past. Nothing injured Graham's reputation more than his collusion with presidents and high-ranking elected officials. 

Billy Graham stood tall, even when he came up short

Appreciation, updated: The Billy Graham I knew as a journalist was a generous spirit endowed with striking personal gifts who, like many natural leaders, sometimes got in over his head. 


How to cope with the odd match of Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day

NCR Today: Ashes speak of the inner self: quiet, somber and watchful, tinged with spiritual foreboding and a summons to self- honesty. The valentine signals an opposite impulse for outward expressions of affection conveyed by words and sweet tokens.