Maria Benevento began work at NCR in 2017 as a Bertelsen editorial intern. She is a native of Kirksville, Missouri, and a 2015 graduate of Creighton University, where she majored in theology and American studies and minored in justice and peace studies and Spanish. Prior to joining NCR she spent two years as a full-time staff person at the Oakland Catholic Worker, a transitional shelter for Latin American immigrants and asylum seekers.

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California interfaith movement bolsters support for migrants

Currently focusing on the often-overlapping issues of immigrant justice and mass incarceration, the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity provides many options for California congregations of all faith traditions to "do something."

El Paso stats support concerns about 'Remain in Mexico' plan

Seven weeks after the U.S. government rolled out its "Remain in Mexico" plan in the El Paso sector of the U.S.-Mexico border, statistics collected by the Hope Border Institute illustrate a dangerous reality.

Poll: 89.3% of US Catholics say church was slow to take action on abuse

The St. Leo University survey found the most commonly identified cause of the abuse crisis was a desire to "preserve and protect the Church's influence and reputation at all cost."

Peter Maurin's farm-rooted vision gains ground among Catholic Workers

The Catholic Worker co-founder's program of farming communes, or "agronomic universities," was once considered a failure. Today, his ideas are resonating with modern ecological concerns.