Maria Benevento began work at NCR in 2017 as a Bertelsen editorial intern. She is a native of Kirksville, Missouri, and a 2015 graduate of Creighton University, where she majored in theology and American studies and minored in justice and peace studies and Spanish. Prior to joining NCR she spent two years as a full-time staff person at the Oakland Catholic Worker, a transitional shelter for Latin American immigrants and asylum seekers.

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Asylum seekers face increasing obstacles, which some see as deliberate

Attorneys, religious leaders and advocates report increasing obstacles in the process of applying for protection, obstacles some say are intentionally created by the Trump administration to stifle asylum. 

Justice Action Bulletin: Accompanying immigrants; amplifying Plowshares

The latest news on active nonviolence: Chapel Hill church campus offers sanctuary to Honduran mother; Kings Bay Plowshares follow-up tips; Indianapolis clergy back Mexican immigrant.

Judge declares mistrial in case of Catholic Workers charged with trespassing

A trial of three Catholic Workers who blocked the entrance to a drone command center resulted in a mistrial due to a hung jury.

Justice Action Bulletin: Student-led scholarship for DACA recipients; California homeless

The latest news on active nonviolence: Four students Hope College in Holland, Michigan, want to help more people accepted to the school attend; lawsuit brought against Orange County and the cities of Orange, Costa Mesa and Anaheim by the Orange County Catholic Worker and seven individuals experiencing homelessness continues; Irida Kakhtiranova is facing deportation