Maria Benevento began work at NCR in 2017 as a Bertelsen editorial intern. She is a native of Kirksville, Missouri, and a 2015 graduate of Creighton University, where she majored in theology and American studies and minored in justice and peace studies and Spanish. Prior to joining NCR she spent two years as a full-time staff person at the Oakland Catholic Worker, a transitional shelter for Latin American immigrants and asylum seekers.

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Under Jeanne Atkinson, CLINIC has ramped up efforts to help immigrants

During a challenging time for immigrant advocates in the U.S., they have found resources for collaboration thanks to initiatives of Catholic Legal Immigration Network's outgoing executive director, admirers say.

NCR board member receives humanitarian award for peacemaking efforts

The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation announced Jan. 15 that Terrence Rynne will receive its 2019 Humanitarian Award "for his work in conflict resolution and peacemaking."

Reporting abuse, activists work to end detention for pregnant migrants

Cases document pregnant women in detention experiencing inadequate medical care, verbal and physical abuse, and stressful conditions that affect their health and that of their unborn children.

Legal representation for detained migrants hindered by access issues

Legal service providers who represent detained migrants report a long series of hurdles that make it difficult to effectively represent their clients and to recruit additional aid for immigrants.