Maria Benevento began work at NCR in 2017 as a Bertelsen editorial intern. She is a native of Kirksville, Missouri, and a 2015 graduate of Creighton University, where she majored in theology and American studies and minored in justice and peace studies and Spanish. Prior to joining NCR she spent two years as a full-time staff person at the Oakland Catholic Worker, a transitional shelter for Latin American immigrants and asylum seekers.

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Advocates fear attorney general to restrict family-based asylum claims

Asylum seekers and their supporters are awaiting a decision from Attorney General William Barr that could restrict protections for those persecuted due to their family membership. Barr's decision, expected in the coming months, hinges on whether a family can count as a "particular social group" for the purposes of asylum.

Nielsen's policies were both inhumane and ineffective, advocates say

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen's dedication to the president's immigration agenda led to failures from both a humanitarian and an enforcement perspective, said immigrant advocates.

Community ID program builds trust between migrants and police

FaithAction International House in Greensboro, North Carolina, started a community ID program in 2013 that has spread throughout the state and the U.S. and allowed even undocumented immigrants to feel safer and more trusting in their interactions with law enforcement.

Action, not 'pretty words,' sustains Romero's legacy, says Salvadoran priest

At an annual celebration for Archbishop Óscar Romero, Fr. Estefan Turcios Carpaño said we must continue Romero's legacy of engaging with lived reality and speaking out against injustice and violence.