Patrick T. Reardon is the author of 10 books, including the recently published poetry collection Darkness on the Face of the Deep (Kelsay Books) and the history The Loop: The “L” Tracks That Shaped and Saved Chicago (Southern Illinois University Press).


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What would Jesus do in old age?

Soul Seeing: The world has let us know it doesn't need us anymore. We often feel like aging dots of flesh clinging to the tiny rock of earth hurtling past stars and whole galaxies in an edgeless universe.

That kind soul in the back pew reminds us angels dwell among us

Soul Seeing: Every parish is filled with angels, people who are holy and touch those around them. When we gather in the church or in the parish hall or on the sidewalk outside, each soul is there, each soul is present in some way, each soul touches others in some way.


God has woven me into the universe

Soul Seeing: Why is it that, for so long, I've been captivated by a 1986 Van Morrison song and by a scene in the 1993 movie "Little Buddha"? Both works urge me to be comfortable in my place in God's fabric.


Finding sacramental grace in 50-minute therapy sessions

Soul Seeing: I participate twice a week in a ritual that, for me, is a sacrament — my 50-minute sessions of psychotherapy. I'm there. My therapist is there. Also there is God and God's grace.