Finding sacramental grace in 50-minute therapy sessions

Soul Seeing: I participate twice a week in a ritual that, for me, is a sacrament — my 50-minute sessions of psychotherapy. I'm there. My therapist is there. Also there is God and God's grace.


I found God in the pain of my brother's suicide

Soul Seeing: Either I believe that God is here with me in these darkest moments — or desolation, all is desolation.


In the holiness of beauty, a glimpse of God shines through

Soul Seeing: All of this beauty, whether the mud of Jesus' spit or the clouds of incense or the Sistine Chapel, all of these are outward signs, instituted by God, to give grace. We can be one of those outward signs.

Book Review

'Future Corpses' reminds us: Death isn't an 'if'

Book Review: While not religious in an institutional sense, this book contains the spiritual message that life is richer when you recognize that death is coming. That death is a part of living — indeed, a key component of living — and, as such, part of God's creation.