God is the ocean in which we all swim

Soul Seeing: Things happen in life, good and bad. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. Life isn't fair as anyone knows who has come to the realization, as humans must, that we are born to die. You and I live under a death sentence.

What death is trying to tell us

Soul Seeing: What the writer of Ecclesiastes tells us -- what God is telling us -- is that our job on Earth is to be alive to the fullness of life.

Ethicist sees 'Joy of Love' as call-out for family, justice

Pope Francis is starting "a new kind of conversation" in talking about marriage and social justice as sides of the same coin, says Julie Hanlon Rubio.


Faith and doubt in 'Silence': a Lenten reflection

Why do the innocent have to suffer and die? Why is God silent? It is that silence that gives the novel its title.