Paul Jeffrey is writer and photographer based in the United States. He lived in Central America in the 1980s and 1990s, tracking the church’s role amid revolution and war. Now based in Oregon, he has filed stories from more than 90 countries, focusing on humanitarian issues, women’s rights, and the role of the church in contentious environments. In 2020, he founded Life on Earth Pictures with two colleagues.

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Lens on Creation: Planting trees to heal the Earth

Haiti was once covered with magnificent forests. Under Spanish and French colonial control, however, the trees were cut down for export to Europe or to make way for huge sugar plantations.

Enfocando la Creación: Sembrando árboles para sanar la Tierra

Haití estuvo una vez cubierto de magníficos bosques. Sin embargo, bajo el dominio colonial español y francés, los árboles se talaron para ser exportados a Europa o para dar paso a enormes plantaciones de azúcar.

Lens on Creation: Solving problems upstream

I hate that old saying about how if you want to feed a poor person forever, teach them to fish. The problem, as I've witnessed around the world, is that the rich may fence off the fishing grounds.

Enfocando la Creación: Resolviendo problemas río arriba

Odio el viejo dicho de que si quieres alimentar a un pobre para siempre, enséñale a pescar. El problema, como he visto en todo el mundo, es que los ricos pueden obstaculizar el ingreso a las zonas de pesca.