Paul Jeffrey is writer and photographer based in the United States. He lived in Central America in the 1980s and 1990s, tracking the church’s role amid revolution and war. Now based in Oregon, he has filed stories from more than 90 countries, focusing on humanitarian issues, women’s rights, and the role of the church in contentious environments. In 2020, he founded Life on Earth Pictures with two colleagues.

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Lens on Creation: Learning from ducks

My own backyard window on creation will heal me if I let it, making me a much more effective steward of God's amazing work.

Enfocando la Creación: Aprendiendo de los patos

La ventana hacia mi jardín me sana, si se lo permito, haciendo de mí un cuidador más eficaz de la asombrosa obra de Dios.

Lens on Creation: Planting mangroves in a tsunami's wake

We can heal the Earth. And when we do, we can have life, and have it more abundantly.

Enfocando la Creación: Sembrar manglares en la estela de un tsunami

Podemos sanar la Tierra, y cuando lo hagamos, tendremos vida, y la tendremos en abundancia.