Hungry, scared South Sudanese stay in cathedral compound for protection

More than 30 million people need food assistance in Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia due to conflict and drought.

Iraqi Christian leader visiting Mosul sees little future for Christians

Iraqi officials raised the national flag over the eastern part of Mosul: As some residents of the city of Mosul celebrate their new freedom from the Islamic State group, an Iraqi Christian leader who visited the war-torn city said Christian residents are unlikely to return. "I don't see a future for Christians in Mosul," said Father Emanuel Youkhana, a priest, or archimandrite, of the Assyrian Church of the East.

Detox, rehab, food: Parish works to fight Philippine drug problem

As the body count rises in the Philippines' war on drugs, a Catholic priest is trying to create a space where healing takes precedence over killing.


One year after Nepal quake, people still await government housing help

Eco Catholic: "The initial response to the quake was wonderful. ... But then everything slowed down."