Book Review

Journey into the mysteries of Paul Robeson

Book Review: Australian journalist Jeff Sparrow's long journey into the mysteries of Paul Robeson, the now nearly forgotten African-American entertainer and controversial citizen, is not a standard biography. Rather, he has combined a series of literary forms to clarify the career of one singer, actor, activist.

Book Review

Secretary strengthened FDR's presidency

Book Review: Subtly, "Missy" LeHand became a Catholic presence that welcomed New York’s Cardinal Francis Spellman and offset the influence of Fr. Charles Coughlin, the anti-FDR Detroit radio priest.

Book Review

American Jesuits brought two worlds together

NCR Book Club: John T. McGreevy writes about the path to settle the issues that isolated the Society of Jesus from large parts of the American public.


Can Catholic TV move beyond Mother Angelica's legacy?

Viewpoint: Couldn't Catholic America come up with programming that deals with the challenges of Pope Francis, programming that appeals beyond nostalgia and intellectual isolation?