Colman McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace, a Washington non-profit.

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District of Champions: The Nationals gave DC a much-needed win

It's Happening: The joy of the long-shot team's World Series victory came at a time when the city of Washington desperately needed a distraction from its festering woes.


The unexpected life of Angelo D'Agostino, Jesuit, psychiatrist, missionary

It's Happening: A new biography tells a life story like no other, with turns that ultimately led "Father Dag" to Kenya, where he founded Nyumbani, said to be Africa's first orphanage for HIV-positive children.


David Koch: kindhearted, caring citizen, obligated to share wealth

It's Happening: I've long admired the Koch brothers for their decadeslong support of causes and non-profits that I also see as worthy. Let's start with their opposition to American militarism.


Pacifism of my friend Joan Baez inspires a new generation

It's Happening: Since the late '70s, I've had a loving friendship with Joan Baez. Every semester that I've been teaching peace studies to high school and college students, I devote ample time to read Baez's essays on pacifism.