Colman McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace, a Washington non-profit.

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Why I don't vote

It's Happening: I've never voted in any election, going back to when Kennedy and Nixon were offering their services to the country. Why? Because I'm a pacifist — and on my better days, a pacifist-anarchist.


This college semester will be different, but there is more than one kind of remoteness

It's Happening: For the first time in 38 years, I won't have the privilege of sharing time and ideas in a classroom with college students at American University and Georgetown University in courses about peace and social justice.


Samantha Power's memoir sheds light on foreign policy in the Obama years

It's Happening: How many lives around the world would have been saved had Ambassador Power's anti-war and pro-diplomacy views prevailed on President Obama's National Security Council?


What do we want? We want to live

It's Happening: Amid triple crises (racism, coronavirus, economic duress), religion was used twice in two days by a president who did not offer prayers and whose proposed budget cuts say "get lost" to the struggling, poor and sick.