Colman McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace, a Washington non-profit.

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You can get your 'meat' fix without exacting a pound of flesh from animals

It's Happening: Have you heard of Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat? These products may be the key to ending our consumption of animals, which is healthier for us and for the planet.


The end of a well-lived life can lead you from death to dissecting table

It's Happening: I've made several visits, curiosity-driven, to the Georgetown medical school's anatomy labs during dissections. And one day, my own cadaver will be wheeled in to help future doctors learn.


District of Champions: The Nationals gave DC a much-needed win

It's Happening: The joy of the long-shot team's World Series victory came at a time when the city of Washington desperately needed a distraction from its festering woes.


The unexpected life of Angelo D'Agostino, Jesuit, psychiatrist, missionary

It's Happening: A new biography tells a life story like no other, with turns that ultimately led "Father Dag" to Kenya, where he founded Nyumbani, said to be Africa's first orphanage for HIV-positive children.