Colman McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace, a Washington non-profit.

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What do we want? We want to live

It's Happening: Amid triple crises (racism, coronavirus, economic duress), religion was used twice in two days by a president who did not offer prayers and whose proposed budget cuts say "get lost" to the struggling, poor and sick.


Is there a doctor in the house who can stand up to Trump?

It's Happening: The call to Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx is clear: End the enabling of Trump. End standing behind him as he rants against reporters for asking "nasty questions." End listening to the shallowness of his vocabulary.


Bernie Sanders inspires me to be better

It's Happening: No question about it, Sanders has imperfections, but he wants the system overhauled, not just tinkered with. And his stance on war is solid.


Conscience decides if a lawyer can defend someone like Harvey Weinstein

It's Happening: Donna Rotunno is hardly the first lawyer who took on a despicable client like Harvey Weinstein. It is conscience that can and should come into play when a practice is chosen.