Colman McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace, a Washington non-profit.

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Pacifism of my friend Joan Baez inspires a new generation

It's happening: Since the late '70s, I've had a loving friendship with Joan Baez. Every semester that I've been teaching peace studies to high school and college students, I devote ample time to read Baez's essays on pacifism.

Book Review

Bullet in author's back teaches him forgiveness

Book Review: In the final pages of this treasure, the author writes a letter to the sniper who shot him, words that bring to mind lines from Erich Maria Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front, when the German soldier speaks to the dying French lad he has just knifed in the trench they share.


Nixon and Trump: what a pair

It's Happening: As the possibility of Trump's impeachment roils U.S. politics, allusions are made to Nixon in the 1970s. But the two presidents' similarities go well beyond impeachment questions.


Bicycles breeze through US as cyclist numbers rise, bike lanes expand

In case you weren't keeping up with realities that matter, or were stressed dealing with ones that don't, May was National Bike Month. It's notable that we have no National SUV Month. Only bicycles get their due.