Colman McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace, a Washington non-profit.

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Bicycles breeze through US as cyclist numbers rise, bike lanes expand

In case you weren't keeping up with realities that matter, or were stressed dealing with ones that don't, May was National Bike Month. It's notable that we have no National SUV Month. Only bicycles get their due.


Trump's cheating may dishonor the sport, but I'll keep on golfing

As heartening as Tiger Woods' recent victory was, golf itself as both a game and a business has been having moments of decline. Still, the ancient game's spiritual side endures.


The honest way to get into college is tough

I've been privileged to be a volunteer teacher for 34 years. In light of the recent college admissions scam and suits, I asked my students about their own college application process. What they wrote was heartfelt, honest and, in some cases, alarming in how deep was their anguish.


Michelle Obama was an adept first lady, but could she have done more?

Column: If Michelle Obama had had a moment or two of speaking truth to power, and dared deliver a few syllables of "input" on restraining her husband's hawkish ways, would it have made a difference?