Colman McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace, a Washington non-profit.

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Conscience decides if a lawyer can defend someone like Harvey Weinstein

It's Happening: Donna Rotunno is hardly the first lawyer who took on a despicable client like Harvey Weinstein. It is conscience that can and should come into play when a practice is chosen.

Book Review

Maggie Paxson converted from war reporting to being a peace correspondent

Book review: During World War II, villagers in France offered asylum to Jewish refugees. They continue to do so today with new generations migrants. In The Plateau, Maggie Paxon finds out why.


As caucus hoopla subsides, remember these heroic Iowans

It's Happening: My appreciation for Iowa and its citizens goes far deeper than the quadrennial hoopla, of a kind that centers on bracing friendships with some of its standout heroes.


You can get your 'meat' fix without exacting a pound of flesh from animals

It's Happening: Have you heard of Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat? These products may be the key to ending our consumption of animals, which is healthier for us and for the planet.