Donna Schaper is senior minister at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. She has two green thumbs, one as a gardener and the other as a pastor. She likes to make things grow. She teaches at Hartford Seminary, a leading interfaith seminary, and consults frequently on brick and mortars, real estate and sacred sites. Her most recent book of 38 is I Heart Francis: Letters from an Unlikely Admirer.

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The trauma of losing trees: a memorial

Eco Catholic: A storm uprooted the two largest trees on our property, both over 75 years old. My small question is one so clearly dwarfed by Puerto Rico and more: But why am I having a mild breakdown over the loss of 23 trees? 


Looking to have an impact on climate change? Start with lunch

The crockpot lunch is an invention and intervention in climate change and helplessness, as well as in frugality, communal engagement, anti-desk sitting and anti-individualism. It's a kind of anti-mice, pro-human, pro-planet bliss.


We are from earth, Earth

Eco Catholic: Everybody is from somewhere, and the answer is usually pretty simple. You know where you are from — or think that you do.


Fun, easy public transportation can end the car commute

Eco Catholic: To get people out of the absurdity of the car as commute — the one-person-per-vehicle picture that you can get in almost any traffic jam anywhere — we also have to make it easy.