Donna Schaper is senior minister at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. She has two green thumbs, one as a gardener and the other as a pastor. She likes to make things grow. She teaches at Hartford Seminary, a leading interfaith seminary, and consults frequently on brick and mortars, real estate and sacred sites. Her most recent book of 38 is I Heart Francis: Letters from an Unlikely Admirer.

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The green pros and the green cons of teleconferencing

Eco Catholic: Community can be the casualty of teleconferencing — and community, once released, is one of the strongest environmental forces on Earth.


Our Children's Trust lawsuit gives me hope for a greener future

Eco Catholic: Our Children's Trust is a coalition of 21 young people who argue that it is the duty of the government to protect the climate, and that they have a constitutional right to a future not destroyed by climate change.



Consciousness separates me from creation and bonds me to it

Eco Catholic: This precious human birth is unrepeatable. What will you do today, knowing that you are one of the rarest forms of life to ever walk the Earth? 


Creation started off with matters other than humans

Eco Catholic: God is a gift-giver. Be prepared to find things you thought were gone or that you could never have. Be prepared to find the abundance of the almighty coming as lots of camels, enough for you and for all.