Donna Schaper is senior minister at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. She has two green thumbs, one as a gardener and the other as a pastor. She likes to make things grow. She teaches at Hartford Seminary, a leading interfaith seminary, and consults frequently on brick and mortars, real estate and sacred sites. Her most recent book of 38 is I Heart Francis: Letters from an Unlikely Admirer.

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Lord, teach us to pray

Daily Lenten Reflections: In scripture, we read of Jesus' stories and write our own guidebook from them. We also orient ourselves with prayer. We agree to pay deep attention to the road instead of just gliding along. We look around. We see. We acknowledge where we are. In prayer, we ask God to guide us.


Spirituality for making the Green New Deal a reality

Eco Catholic: Transitioning out of fossil fuels is going to take all the hope we have. I offer pictures of what we need spiritually to transition New Green Deal dreams into reality.


Advent devotionals, abbreviated edition

Eco Catholic: Speedup is everywhere in our culture and our lives. This season, consider doing a briefer Advent devotional. You can declare an Advent wait, fully achieved.


Biblical plain talk about climate change

If we were to stop trying to dominate God and to instead love and praise God, we could find our way to the courage to protect the sun, the wind, the rain, the clouds — and even ourselves.